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Book on Bullying Release Precedes National Bullying Prevention Month October 2020

NEW BOOK HE’S NOT JUST TEASING! TEACHES KIDS TO IDENTIFY BULLYING AND PRACTICE SELF-ADVOCACY Berwyn, Pennsylvania—Is it bullying? Is it teasing? A new, quick read chapter book by author and counselor Jennifer Licate examines the differences between bullying and teasing, the fragile friendships of children, and the power of kindness. Written for children between ages 9 and 12, the book is a powerful learning tool for parents and teachers that examines emotions and behaviors within friendships, and teaches kids the importance of self-advocacy skills.

As the first book published in the “Navigating Friendships” series, He’s Not Just Teasing will be released on September 22, just in time for National Bullying Prevention Month in October. About 1 out of every 5 (20.2%) students ages 12 to 18 report being bullied during school. Children who experience bullying are at increased risk of depression, anxiety, lower academic achievement and dropping out of school. Both the children who bully and victims of bullying are at a greater risk for mental health and behavior problems, and most alarming, there is a strong relationship between bullying and suicide-related behaviors. It is important for all children to learn how to recognize bullying and know strategies to help them with bullying before their teenage years.

Beginning in October 2006, multiple youth organizations hosted the first bullying awareness week. The point of National Bullying Prevention Month was to transform a society that accepts bullying into a society that recognizes that bullying must, and can, be addressed through education and support.

“I wrote this book because I saw children confused about what bullying is and how to deal with it. The story of Malcolm, who experiences bullying, allows children to learn the differences between teasing and bullying,” Licate says. “It also provides a safe way to discuss the effects of bullying and strategies to deal with bullying. These strategies can then be carried into their interactions with friends, peers, and the whole school community.”

“I will be recommending this book to every teacher and parent that walks in the store. I am amazed how this (book) tackles so many aspects of bullying, from the boy being bullied, to his friends' reactions, his feelings after everything happens, without ever sounding preachy, condescending or dismissive.” Erica D, bookseller via NetGalley

Following the release of He’s Not Just Teasing, Licate will publish follow ups in the series I Lost My BFF! and Am I Weird? in 2021.

Bullying statistics gathered from PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center resources. Visit for more information.


Jennifer Licate is a new author through Boys Town Press Publisher. She earned her master’s degree in school counseling from West Chester University and has worked as a school counselor for K-12 students for more than a decade. She channels her love of counseling and creativity to craft children’s books with relatable characters and situations. Her aim is to help children of all ages navigate the challenges of growing up.

Contact Jennifer to set up interviews featuring her book and professional insights on bullying. 267-589-9241.

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