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A Working Mom Hack...Let Your Kids Get Themselves Dressed with Confidence!

Having someone else send your kids off to school can pull at your heartstrings (even if it's your spouse).  Even worse, it can make you feel guilty for working and especially for needing to leave for work before your child is ready to get on the bus or to be dropped off at school. 

Your child isn’t old enough to dress herself! You can’t just trust her to create her own outfits!

Plus, what about the don’t want your child wearing shorts in the winter!  Shouldn’t we try to put this off for as long as we can, until he decides this is his fashion statement in middle school?

Does she have Physical Education class today?  Does she need to wear sneakers to school so she can participate? 

How can you be involved in the process even though you’re not there?

There’s a system I’ve been using since my kids were in kindergarten and first grade.  It’s so simple but it makes the morning routine so much easier and gives me peace of mind, knowing that my children are well prepared for their school day.  I use a cloth hanging shelf (the kind that loops over the clothing rod).

put the outfits in order from Monday through Friday, one outfit on each shelf. 

I look up the weather to make sure the clothes are weather appropriate.  This is especially important as the seasons the Northeast it can go from 50 degrees one day to 70 degrees the next. The children need to be prepared, especially if your child gets hot or cold easily.  Being too hot or too cold can affect their mood during the school day and make it hard to concentrate. 

I know when special events are going on at school and can plan outfits based on that. If he has Physical Education class, I put sneakers on top of his outfit (on the shelving system), so he knows to wear sneakers. 

Also, I know the outfits are cute because I planned them myself, haha.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s cringed at some outfits my child has created on her own. 

This hack only works if your children are young enough to be open to your outfit suggestions or if they don’t care enough about their clothes to argue. Maybe he just wants to put something on in the morning?

Do you have any additional working parent hacks?  Please share, I need all the help I can get!!!  Thanks everyone!!!

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